Aluminium Windows

Technal Dualframe

Our Technal Dualframe aluminium windows are made in our factory and are available in a range of styles, glass types and a vast array of colours, including options for different interior and exterior colours.

These windows are not only stylish and beautiful but are recognised for their durability, excellent security and are low maintenance. We also offer a range of doors to match.

Key Benefits of Dualframe Windows
  • Styles and 400 colours to suit any home
  • Superb security
  • Thermal break to prevent heat loss
Technal Dualframe windows
Security Features
  1. High security friction hinges can be specified which offer smooth, effortless opening but when closed have a locked arm which locates into the frame.
  2. A turn of the handle operates the shootbolt locking mechanism and drives high strength brass alloy bolts into the window frame into die-cast keeps in the outer frame. The locking mechanism also offers a lockable 'night-vent' position.
Dualframe Window Security