Aluminium Doors

Technal Dualframe

Our Technal Dualframe aluminium doors are made in our factory and are available in a range of styles, glass types and a vast array of colours (over 400!), including options for different interior and exterior colours.

These doors give the stylish and beautiful wow factor to your home and are recognised for their durability, excellent security and are low maintenance. We also offer a range of windows to match.

The low expansion and contraction rates from temperature variation of aluminium results in stability and strength which means that the frames will fit together precisely throughout the life of the door. This also gives these doors excellent resistance to whatever wind and rain the Cornish elements throw at them.

The dual polymide thermal break prevents heat loss and exceeds the latest Building Regulations so you'll benefit from excellent thermal efficiency.

The secure multipoint locking mechanism provides peace of mind so you can be sure that your home, family and possessions are safe.

Technal Dualframe doors

Premium Hardware

We can also offer a range of premium stainless steel hardware ideally suited to the maritime climate of Cornwall.

Make your door or doors unique by adding the final touches from this range of hardware, including a variety of door handles & door pulls, knockers, letterplates and numerals.

Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel, you'll benefit from superb durability, strength and longevity.

Premium Blu door hardware
Premium Blu door hardware
Premium Blu door hardware
Premium Blu door hardware
Premium Blu door hardware

Hallmark Panels

To further personalise your door, you can choose from a wide selection of door and side panels, double or triple glazed with a variety of glass design from sandblasted glass to stunning 3 dimensional textured fusion glass designs.

Hallmark door panels